Join us at the DoD Corrosion Conference!

Join us at the Department of Defense Virtual Corrosion Conference September 16-17, 2013. We will be presenting some advanced corrosion mitigation strategies for DoD aircraft and weapons systems. These advanced strategies lower the cost of corrosion inspection and mitigation in difficult to access areas of aircraft and help the services shift to a more proactive and preventative posture.

Our presentation will be at from 15:30-16:00 ET on Tuesday September 17th 2013 in the Policy session.

AACL Selected as Semi-Finalist for SAE “Great Ideas” Competition

AACL has been selected as a semi-finalist for the SAE “Great Ideas” competition.  Our submission will be presented by Mr David Clark, AACL Engineering Technician, at the 2012 DoD Maintenance Symposium in Grand Rapids, MI, 12-15 Nov 2012, along with the other 5 finalists’ submissions.   The winner will be chosen by the audience and will be featured throughout the symposium.

AACL Employee Wins Top Air Force Award

One of AACL’s newest employees, Chris Serlick, who recently retired as the AFETS lead at Seymour Johnson AFB, NC,  was awarded the 2012 Air Force Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Award for Engineering Achievement. This is a tremendous accomplishment and a well deserved recognition of Mr. Serlick’s recent contributions during his service to the 4th Fighter Wing, the F-15 community and the Air Force. We congratulate Chris on a long and distinguished career in the Air Force, and especially for this most recent achievement.

We look forward to working with Chris and our customers to continue to contribute to this cause which means so much to us.

Corrosion project highlighted in CorrDefense

One of AACL’s current projects with the Air Force Corrosion Prevention & Control Office, in partnership with C-130 and Helicopter engineers at WR-ALC, has been highlighted in CorrDefense Magazine. The link to the full article is below.

A ‘Remote’ Answer To Detect And Mitigate Hidden Corrosion Is Anything But!

This is a great example of AACL’s capability to use new processes and tools to provide innovative solutions to long standing problems. We focus on providing a high return on investment for our services and solutions.

Remote corrosion mitigation showcased at the Air Force Corrosion Conference

Aging Aircraft Consulting (AACL) participated in the 2011 Air Force Corrosion Conference. During the conference Ron Allison and Will Stuhr demonstrated many of AACL’s cutting edge techniques used to mitigate corrosion on the military’s aging fleet of aircraft. Special emphasis was placed on AACL’s R&D efforts in the fight against corrosion in remote areas of the aircraft typically not accessible to maintainers in the field. AACL’s goal of finding, removing and treating corrosion in these areas garnered many advocates in the aircraft corrosion control community.

AACL Completes Successful Automated Wiring Analysis Effort

AACL recently completed a project to develop an automated wiring analysis program for the MC-130H AN/ALR-69 system. Under the contract, AACL delivered a Test Program Set (TPS) capable of running the either the entire radar warning system or 3 different variations of the system sub-menus. AACL also provided the automated test adapter cables (ATAC)s, delivered in ruggedized industrial storage cases, and the complete technical data for the application. The Test Program Set passed a successful Val/Ver at Robins AFB, GA on 18 June 2011 and was witnessed and accepted by members of the WR-ALC Software Management Group (SMXG) and the C-130 SOF System Program Office (ASD/GRU). The completion of this effort provides the C-130 field and depot maintenance organizations the ability to rapidly and accurately perform ALR-69 systems checks for anomalies and shorts in less than 3 hours as compared to the estimated 3 days previously required to run the same checks.

AACL Awarded Contract for Corrosion Prevention

AACL, through its partnership with Wyle Labs, was recently awarded Phase 2 of a contract by the Air Force Corrosion Prevention and Control Office for developing the first-ever Remote Corrosion Mitigation Kit (RCMK) prototype. The RCMK takes corrosion inspection to the next level of technological sophistication by introducing remote borescope-guided corrosion removal and treatment capabilities while maintaining the key features of scalability, versatility, and portability for use under the most austere field conditions. This capability substantially enhances the ability of the maintainer to inspect and mitigate corrosion, contributing to overall structural sustainment and safety.